Professional expertise:Commercial dispute resolution; credit management; banking and finance; construction project; and negotiation

Personal Profile

Ms. CHU Yan, a master of law, has practiced as a full-time lawyer for over 14 years and built rich experience in commercial dispute resolution (including those in Chinese mainland and those related to other countries, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan), credit management, credit insurance, banking and finance, construction project, corporate legal services, etc.

She is an expert in applying legal and commercial rules flexibly to provide customers with diversified and one-stop solutions, including guidance and assistance for the designing of negotiation, litigation/arbitration/response policies to solve difficult commercial disputes and reduce commercial risks, hence maximizing the interests of customers.

Being especially good at applying diversified solutions covering “investigation + ADR negotiation + litigation/arbitration + enforcement + assets disposal” to help customers efficiently solve major and complicated commercial disputes related to domestic and foreign affairs, Ms. CHU represented clients in hundreds of cases of guarantees, credit insurance, purchase & sales, construction projects, leases, financial leases, real estate, lending, international trade and other commercial contract disputes, saving more than RMB 100 million economic losses for clients. Moreover, she led and instructed lawyers in her team to handle thousands of cases of commercial disputes, which were highly praised by many enterprises.

Ms. Chu, as an expert in credit insurance, has provided many well-known insurance companies with claim, recourse, investigation of insurance liabilities, and other services.

In the finance area, Ms. CHU has led the team to represent many banks and financial institutions in many cases that were highly praised by clients.

Ms. CHU provided many enterprises with credit management, contract management, and other management optimization services, and provided specialized legal opinions on investigation, negotiation, dispute resolution, etc.

She conducted over 100 open classes and internal training sessions on skills of contract risk prevention and control and credit management practices based on cases for over 1,000 enterprises and industry associations, and was highly praised by both the enterprises and participants for her practical and vivid style.


  • Represented Beijing X Computer Co., Ltd. in the dispute over purchase and sales contract and guarantee contract with Fujian X Distributor for the amount of RMB 180 million, winning the case at Shanghai First Intermediate People’s Court;

  • Represented Jiangsu X Automobile Co., Ltd. in the dispute over foreign-related contract with Nigeria X Automobile Co., Ltd. for the amount of USD 3.07 million, winning the case at a Nigerian court through diversified dispute resolution involving litigation + negotiation and saving losses for the client;

  • Represented a Japanese company in the dispute over international trading contract in the environment protection equipment industry with Shanghai X Co., Ltd. for the amount of over RMB 18.00 million. In this difficult case, she applied the innovative full-process “ADR” (alternative dispute resolution) to efficiently help the client to realize most claims (equivalent to over RMB 14.00 million) in only about 1 year, which was highly praised by the client;

  • Represented X Insurance Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong X Electronics Co., Ltd. in the dispute over purchase and sales contract and contract for transfer of claim with Suzhou X Electronics Co., Ltd., Suzhou X Technology Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou X Co., Ltd. for the amount of USD 2.90 million, winning the case at the arbitration commission, and winning the trial for the second instance and retrial by responding to the litigation at Suzhou Intermediate People’s Court and Jiangsu High People’s Court, hence helping the client to fully realize its claim of USD 2.90 million;

  • Represented X Insurance Co., Ltd. and X Trading Co., Ltd. in the dispute over claim and recourse under credit insurance contracts with several pharmaceutical companies, providing in-depth specialized legal services for investigation of insurance responsibilities and helping the client to reduce losses by over RMB 10.00 million (100% of the losses);

  • Represented Jiangsu X Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. in a difficult execution case with Shanghai X Passenger Transport Co., Ltd., helping the client to fully realize its claim (over RMB 10.00 million);

  • Represented Jiangsu X Automobile Part Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in the dispute over processing contract with Zhejiang X Automobile Co., Ltd. (automobile industry), helping the client to save most losses for about RMB 20.00 million (50% of the claim) by comprehensively applying measures of legal analysis, investigation, negotiation, mediation, etc. in three months after accepting the case; meanwhile, helped the client avoid the claim of about RMB 66.00 million (reduced the losses by 100%) from the counterparty and properly eliminate the risks of litigation from over 20 enterprises (reduced the potential risks by 100%), hence achieving the multi-win social effects;

  • Represented Jiangsu X Technology Co., Ltd. (principal) in the dispute over construction contract for engineering project with Shandong X Co., Ltd. (counterparty), a dispute lasting for 6 years. The lawyer skillfully applied comprehensive measures involving “coordination with competent authorities + investigation + multiple rounds of negotiation + litigation” to overcome many difficulties in this case, including the complicated and partially dispute calculation of claims, dispute over guarantee, weak debt paying ability of the debtor, etc., which eventually resulted in a package settlement agreement for substantially solving the dispute and helped the client realize its claim (full construction costs + partial penalty, over RMB 41.00 million in total) in one year after the lawyer accepted the case.

  • Represented X Test Equipment Co., Ltd. (principal) and another equipment company (third person) in a bidding dispute with an automobile manufacturing company and X International Bidding Co., Ltd. for the amount of over RMB 80.00 million. The principal entrusted this case to our lawyers because the principal lost the bid to the third person that won the bid by making up its performance. After accepting this case, our lawyers conducted investigation to collect evidence and coordination with multiple parties, organized a series of non-litigation negotiations, and took legal measures such as raising objections, asking for administrative reconsideration, and applying for hearing, which helped the client to save full losses in three months after we accepted this case.

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